Javeapropertysearch.com Disclaimer We’ve assembled the material of this site with the greatest of care. We use advertisers’ information in the best of faith. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy and perfection of all of it. We are not liable for mistakes, inaccuracies, out-of-date information, etc. in advertisements. Also, we reserve the right to make changes or updates to listings. We will contact you if we do so. When you purchase or rent a property you’ve found here, please verify all the details with the owner, in writing. Terms and Conditions of Use- Welcome to our humble little website. As a user of javeapropertysearch.com you agree to the terms and conditions—they’re not too bad. 1. Responsibility for Property Info Being True and Valid Our faith is strong, and we use it to accept advertisements. We proceed under the assumption that the info advertisers submit to us is fully accurate and current. But it’s their responsibility. That said, please All you check to ensure everything’s correct. 2. Use of the Site We thanks for using this site and for using it properly. Please don’t use the site in any way that violates terms of use or that is illegal. Use of this site indemnifies us from damage, loss, etc. stemming from any breach of these conditions. 3. Copyright and Trademarks The material on javeapropertysearch.com originated as and remains the copyright of javeapropertysearch.com. Any content reproduced has been done so with permission. Use this material for your personal needs, but please don’t modify, copy, or distribute without our permission. 4. Website Design As for the material supplied to us, to make it work, we may have to edit and clip and snip. Due to complicated things our lawyer understands, we won’t be liable for loss or damage from moving and shaking photos or words supplied by the advertiser. 5. Liability Errors are, unfortunately, a possibility. Therefore, we can’t quite guarantee that the operation of javeapropertysearch.com will be as smooth as the Caribbean sea. As in guideline 4, we aren’t be liable for possible losses to advertisers due to unforeseen interruptions in service. 6. Privacy We value privacy. The following covers our policies on privacy and on what we do with information and how. 6a. Browser Information Your IP address is your computer’s social security number. Our servers automatically collect your IP for our stats or “traffic data,” which we in turn report to you. javeapropertysearch.com won’t use your IP to obtain your personal information or identity. 6b. Referrers A referrer is a URL that links a user to a site—i.e., if you’re sent here from another web page, that web page is the referrer. This occurrence is automatically collected by our server, and we use this info to maintain referral programs with affiliate sites. 6c. System Information Another facet of “traffic data” is specifications on your computer, such as type of web browser, CPU speed or your operating system. This allows us to provide information to you in the most optimized manner. The info does not identify you personally 6d. Personal Information Information is useful only if it’s correct. So, please let us know of any changes in your name, address, telephone number. Contact Information—Please keep accurate and current the title of the mail list where you’d like the update applied. Our servers create “log files” of stats on volume and traits of traffic. You know: IP addresses or search terms that got you here, suchlike. No worries:we can’t identify you from your log files. Not only that, but we’re your personal privacy protectors. We use the best security procedures to ensure your info isn’t disclosed or that it’s not in any way obtained by unauthorized entities. We use several firewalls to ensure this. Further, we delete your information after a period of time allowed by law. We do reserve the right to slide your info to any new owner if we enter into a merger or sale. Otherwise, we won’t disclose, sell, or disseminate your information without your permission—unless the law makes us. Please note that if we revise our privacy policy, we will mention it on this page. How We Use Your Information We reserve the right to divulge our advertisers’ information with law enforcement or other real estate companies only for fraud prevention. Your personal info could possibly be used in the following ways: Billing Information We collect your billing details and lock them securely for invoicing and debit ordering only. We do not have credit card details. Customer Feedback and Support Your information is harnessed when you request info from javeapropertysearch.com and shows us how we can improve our site design and its services. E-mail Correspondence We use e-mail to respond to all kinds of inquiries. E-mails may also announce information about javeapropertysearch.com services. We use your personal facts only in ways clarified when collected. Security Measures You’re wondering how we protect your information. Basically, the information can be seen only by people who can’t do their job without it. As for third parties, we share only the minimum information necessary for a particular transaction. We don’t otherwise dole out this information, unless you’ve said, “hey, otherwise dole out this information.” Data Retention As soon as we’ve used your information as described, we’ll delete it permanently. Linked web sites We provide links to other sites, whose content we can’t control. Therefore, we recommend that you review those sites’ privacy policies. 9. Cookies Cookies are Internet utilities that let us measure which parts of our site are of greatest interest. We read cookies only from javeapropertysearch.com.com. If you disable cookies, you can still access most of our sites. Third-party ad-serving companies determine which ads are shown and may use cookies for collecting non-personal information. 10. Multiple Properties A property ad refers to exactly one unit. If an advertiser or an agent wants to advertise multiple properties in different locales, he or she can choose from our price tariff and the number properties you she wishes to advertise. Introductory rates do apply for additional properties for which we offer a free 3-month trial. 11. Exchanging Properties Property ads on javeapropertysearch.com refer to specific properties—this can’t be substituted for another in the form of changes to text and photographs. If an advertiser switches the property described, we reserve our right to suspend that ad. 12. Termination of a Property Page We reserve the right to remove a property listing as a consequence of multiple complaints that the listing misrepresents the property or surroundings. We’re afraid our ruling will be final, but in the event of suspension, we’ll issue a pro-rated refund. Advertisers who desire to remove their property listing before their subscription runs out must send a written request, including their owner ID. You may request your ad be replaced during the period of time you’ve purchased; please realize that the period of advertising can’t be extended to make up for time when the ad was not listed. Sorry, we’re unable to give refunds. 13. Contactability To deliver the best service to our users, we require advertisers to promptly respond to inquiries by telephone or by e-mail. Please activate out-of-office replies on your e-mail if you’ll be unavailable for a week or more. If you’re unable to do so, please contact us so we can suspend your ad while you’re unavailability. 14. External Links We don´t include links for advertisements to a personal website if this relates to your property listing. We reserve the right to refuse such links, delete them, or write up a fancy “no-follow” html code—and we have a book that tells us how to do this, too. 15. Right of Refusal One of the rights we reserve is that of refusing to accept submitted advertisements. And we may not even have a good reason. 16. Inquiry Forms E-mail Inquiry forms are included on all advertisements. These allow holiday-planners to submit inquiries on bookings. javeapropertysearch.com monitors the use of forms and may sanction advertisers who use them in a way we consider to compromise integrity. 17. Site Functions as a Notice Board javeapropertysearch.com is a notice board, providing listings of ads. We do not own and can’t enter into contracts concerning property listed on the site. We aren’t involved in transactions between travelers and members; the safety, quality, or legality of properties advertised, and the accuracy of listings are the sole responsibility of advertisers and users. 18. Changes to Pricing and Conditions javeapropertysearch.com—you guessed it—reserves the right—to change the rates and conditions without notice. New rates will apply immediately for new advertisers and upon renewal for continuing advertisers. 19. Special Offers javeapropertysearch.com reserves the rights to offer introductory prices, terms and periods of advertising—these may be revised or terminated without notice. Introductory rates will be offered to first-time advertisers, and apply only to advertiser’s first property. 20. Property Sales javeapropertysearch.com isn’t responsible for the presence of mortgages, property seizures, or other charges to properties listed. Prospective purchasers are advised to seek legal representation. Javeapropertysearch.com